Friday, 20 March 2015

UU Hair extensions

Are you having an important event and want to look like the celebrities in the red carpet? I guess everyone is gonna say yes, as we all love the red carpet and most of the people who walks on it.
Well, you'll think firstly about that gorgeous dress that you are going to wear, which fits you amazingly, those beautiful shoes that will shine all over, and finally you'll think about how wonderful look your make up and hair. 
We all envy(with love) the people who just wake up and have the best hair. But we all spend time with our 'beauty time' trying to make our face and hair amazing. 
I bet everyone here have all the make up you can think about...but what about your hair? Aren't you missing something sometimes?

I know this brand UU HAIR EXTENSIONS has really cool hair stuff that is just so quick and easy to add and gives to your hair the power and volume you were looking for.

These 18 inch hair extensions give your hair a longer look, and you have all these beautiful colours  and more in the website: 

Also you have them shorter, different hair colors too: 16 inch hair extensions 

You'll find all the info about them in their website, how to put them and take care of them.

Enjoy! ;)

Love, Raquel.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


This is the new skirt on my wardrobe. Handmade, and very warmy for winter time.
I love red outfits, with red lips. I am just a huge fan of that !

Busy times at the moment, so many designs to make for a big goal. And time goes so quick that I don't even feel it, scares me. 

I wish you a nice week, and one advise: don't waste time, give it to me :3

Love X

Thursday, 15 January 2015


I made These illustrations recently, I let you know my website where you can see all my art work which I make with love. I hope you enjoy them! <3

He hecho estas ilustraciones recientemente, voy publicando todos mis trabajos en la web de arriba, espero que os gusten! <3